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Lemon Verbena Single Origin Herbal Tea

Lemon Verbena Single Origin Herbal Tea

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Fresh citrus scent that wakes you up

The fresh citrus scent unique to lemon verbena fills your lungs and boosts your positive mood.

It has such a rich aroma that it is called "perfume wood" in Japanese, and in the West it has been used not only for herbal tea, but also for fish dishes, marinades, jams, and sweets.

Noi's lemon verbena is hand-picked and carefully processed one by one, so when you pour hot water into it, it returns to its original shape, just like a fresh herb.

Caffeine-free, no additives or artificial flavors.

Great for mornings when you want to wake up refreshed or when you have a hangover

The fresh scent of lemon verbena boosts your positivity and is perfect for mornings when you want to wake up feeling good or when you want to feel refreshed. Lemon verbena supports digestion and is also recommended in the morning when you have overeaten or have a hangover.

Caffeine-free, anyone can enjoy it anytime

Since it is caffeine-free, pregnant and breastfeeding women can also enjoy it with confidence. Recommended when you want to take a breather after dinner or before bed. It's perfect for a cup of coffee when you're tired.

Only lemon verbena grown in the open without the use of chemical fertilizers, animal manure, or pesticides is used

We only use lemon verbena that is naturally grown outdoors in fields at the foot of Mt. Fuji, without the use of chemical fertilizers, animal compost, or pesticides. Herbs grown in cold environments with large temperature differences between day and night have distinct personalities, and when added to hot water, they become a fragrant herbal tea.

Just as there is a concept of terroir in wine, we use only herbs grown at the foot of Mt. Fuji because we want to create a culture that enjoys the unique scent of the region in our herbal teas. We use only home-grown herbs and herbs grown by trusted producers.

Wild single origin with the same ingredients

Typical herbal teas are often ground and blended, making it difficult to experience the form and aroma of individual plants.

At noi, we use a single-origin style in which we hand-pick each product, dry it slowly at low temperatures, and do not grind or blend it, so that you can enjoy the wild appearance and scent unique to the plant.

Lemon verbena
*Our lemon verbena is grown outdoors at the northern foot of Fuji without using chemical fertilizers, animal compost, or pesticides, and is carefully dried at low temperatures.

Citrus, Green, Fresh

Refresh, Restore, Energy

How to enjoy
 - Amount of hot water: 150ml
 - Hot water temperature: 98 degrees
 - Tea leaves: 1g
 - Brewing time: 4 minutes
*You can enjoy the changing taste and aroma with the second brew.

About packing/shipping
・In consideration of the environment, we will send the product in simple packaging as much as possible.
-As each item is manufactured and packaged by hand, it takes 3 to 4 business days from receiving your order to shipping.

Name: Herbal Tea
Ingredients: Lemongrass, Cypress, Yerba buena, Lemon Verbena (no fragrances, preservatives, or colorants)
Contents: 6g
Best Before Date: 1 year from manufacture (listed on product)
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity
Seller: noi (4-3-14 Matsuyama, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture)
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