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Kuromoji Single Origin Herbal Tea <Loose Leaf>

Kuromoji Single Origin Herbal Tea <Loose Leaf>

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Rich, sweet and spicy winter kuromoji scent

Kuromoji (black letter) has a rich, sweet and spicy scent that is hard to believe is a tree, and it calms the mind and makes you feel relaxed. Recommended for nights when you have trouble sleeping or for relaxing.

Currently, only the deciduous branches of winter kuromoji can be harvested. In order to withstand the harsh cold of winter, Kuromoji traps its scent in its branches, making it even more fragrant.

Kuromoji has been popular as a high-quality toothpick since the Edo period due to its aromatic and antibacterial properties, and is still used in Japanese sweets and restaurants. Please enjoy the appearance and scent of wild black moji that you don't usually see.

Caffeine-free, no additives or artificial flavors.

*Kuromoji at the foot of Mt. Fuji has shed its leaves, so the product is only the branches.

For those hard to sleep nights and cold hands and feet

Linalool, the main ingredient in Kuromoji, calms the mind and supports sleep, so it is recommended for relaxing before bed. It encourages circulation and warms the body, so it is also suitable for those who are concerned about getting cold.

Caffeine-free, anyone can enjoy it anytime

Since it is caffeine-free, pregnant and breastfeeding women can also enjoy it with confidence. Recommended when you want to take a breather after dinner or before bed. It's perfect for a cup of coffee when you're tired.

Uses only wild Kuromoji that grows naturally at the foot of Mt. Fuji

We harvested while pruning the black moji that grows naturally in the forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji at an altitude of 900 to 1,100 meters. Kuromoji grows robustly in the rich forest soil where sunlight penetrates down to the undergrowth, and in the harsh cold of winter with large temperature differences between day and night, and it emits a unique fragrance that combines elegance and strength.

Just as there is a concept of terroir in wine, we want to create a culture of enjoying the scent unique to the region in our herbal teas, so we only use black moji harvested at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Wild single origin with the same ingredients

Typical herbal teas are often ground and blended, making it difficult to experience the form and aroma of individual plants.

At noi, we use a single-origin style in which we hand-pick each product, dry it slowly at low temperatures, and do not grind or blend it, so that you can enjoy the wild appearance and scent unique to the plant.

The product we are currently selling is Kuromoji with leaves, harvested from September to October this year. Kuromoji sheds its leaves in the winter, produces yellow flowers and new buds in the spring, produces green leaves in the summer, and produces fully ripened fruit in the fall. Enjoy the scent that changes with the seasons.

Pruning and harvest to enrich the forest

noi aims to create a relationship between the forest and people where they can benefit from each other, so we do not exploit the forest, but rather harvest it in a way that enriches it.

In a forest, when the dense branches and leaves of trees cover the sky, sunlight cannot reach into the forest, undergrowth does not grow, the ground is exposed, and muddy water flows directly into rivers without rain soaking in, making landslides more likely. Become. Therefore, noi tries to keep the forest as healthy as possible by pruning the branches and leaves of trees while harvesting so that sunlight can reach the undergrowth.

In addition, because we monitor the forest every day and control the harvest amount to avoid exploitation of the forest, there is a limit to the amount that can be produced. note that.



Citrus, floral, woody, spicy

Relaxation, security, warmth

How to enjoy
 - Hot water: 150ml / 100℃
 - Tea leaves: 2g
 - Extraction time: 9 minutes
*If you break off a branch and put it in a teapot, the aroma will be extracted more easily. You can enjoy the changing aroma and taste even during the second brew.

About packing/shipping
 - In consideration of the environment, we will send the product in simple packaging as much as possible.
 - Because each item is manufactured and packaged by hand, it takes 3 to 4 business days from receiving your order to shipping.

Name: Herbal tea
Ingredients: Kuromoji (No fragrances, preservatives, or colorants)
Contents: 12g
Best Before Date: 1 year from manufacture (listed on product)
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity
Seller: noi (4-3-14 Matsuyama, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan)
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