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Winter Kuromoji Gift Box〈Kromoji Aroma Spray & Kuromoji Tea〉

Winter Kuromoji Gift Box〈Kromoji Aroma Spray & Kuromoji Tea〉

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The most fragrant winter kuromoji of the year

This gift box contains one each of "Kuromoji Care Aroma Spray" and "Winter Kuromoji Single Origin Herbal Tea."

Kuromoji, which grows wild at the foot of Mt. Fuji at an altitude of 1,100m, becomes the most gorgeous scent with its citrus scent, sweetness, and mellowness increasing in preparation for the harsh cold of winter. This gift box packed with the winter scent of Kuromoji is sure to make your winter time at home more relaxing.

・Kuromoji Care Aroma Spray

Kuromoji (black lettering) has a rich, sweet and spicy scent that is hard to believe is a tree, and the refreshing citrus scent of bergamot will soothe your mind and gently envelop you.

Kuromoji is harvested while pruning from trees that grow wild in the forests of Mt. Fuji, steam-distilled with underground water from Mt. Fuji, extracted essential oils, and blended with certified organic natural essential oils.

Also, By steam distilling Mt. Fuji's underground water, which has been filtered over many years, we extract pure essential oils that are full of vitality unique to this region.

We are particular about the pure scent of plants and natural ingredients, and do not use artificial fragrances, alcohol, synthetic emulsifiers, or preservatives, and we use a 100% plant-derived soluble gel as an emulsifier. Please enjoy the scent full of vitality of plants.

In addition to using it in your room, car, entryway, and toilet, you can also apply it to clothes such as knits and scarves to maintain the scent and take care of your clothes with its antibacterial properties.

[Recommended usage]
・For your own relaxing time
・Use it next to your pillow when you want to sleep soundly ・Take an aromatic bath in the bathroom ・When you are concerned about dryness ・When you are feeling tired

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・Winter Kuromoji Single Origin Herbal Tea

The mellow, sweet and spicy aroma of the winter twigs of Kuromoji is caffeine-free, but it gives off a mellow aroma similar to Earl Grey. It warms your mind and body while promoting relaxation, so it's perfect for December, when it's getting colder and less busy. We also recommend boiling it with milk to make a latte, or adding spices and enjoying it as a chai.

Noi's Kuromoji is made only from pruned and harvested wild Kuromoji that grows in the forests at the foot of Mt. Fuji at an altitude of 900 to 1100 meters. Kuromoji grows robustly in the rich forest soil, where sunlight penetrates down to the undergrowth, and in the harsh cold of winter, with large temperature differences between day and night, and it emits a unique scent that combines elegance and strength.

In order to allow you to enjoy the wild appearance and aroma unique to each plant, we use a single-origin style where each product is hand-harvested, slowly dried at low temperatures, and is neither crushed nor blended. No pesticides, additives or artificial fragrances.

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How to make kromoji chai

[Materials] For 1 person
・Kromoji single origin herbal tea 4g
・Milk/soy milk 200ml
・2 cardamom grains
・2 cloves ・1 cinnamon stick ・ginger powder (optional)
・Honey (optional)
*Adjust the spices to what you have at home or to your liking.

[How to make]
① Remove the spices from the cardamom shells.
Put Kuromoji, spices, and milk/soy milk into a small pot, heat over medium heat, and when it comes to a boil, turn off the heat.
③ Add honey to your preference and complete.

Name: Winter Kuromoji gift box
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Seller: noi Makiko Tanaka 4-3-14 Matsuyama, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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