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Mt. Fuji forest scent gift box〈1 type of aroma spray of your choice & 2 types of herbal tea〉

Mt. Fuji forest scent gift box〈1 type of aroma spray of your choice & 2 types of herbal tea〉

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A gift set packed with the scent of Mt. Fuji's forest.

A scented gift from the forest of Mt. Fuji, which includes a bottle of your favorite wild aroma spray and two types of herbal tea (one serving). This is the perfect gift for the cold and busy winter season, when we tend to work hard both physically and mentally.

this The `` Mt. Fuji Forest Scent Gift Box'' comes with winter evergreen trees (fir, cypress, black pine, etc.) that grow naturally on Mt. Fuji. Enjoy the scent, color and shape of fresh trees. In consideration of the environment, we do not overpack and only use paper as the packaging material.

Noi's wild aroma spray of choice

An aroma spray based on essential oils extracted by distilling wild blackmoji and fir trees that grow in the forests at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

We are particular about the pure scent of plants and natural ingredients, and do not use artificial fragrances, alcohol, synthetic emulsifiers, or preservatives, and we use a 100% plant-derived soluble gel as an emulsifier. Please enjoy the scent full of vitality of plants.

In addition to using it in your room, car, entryway, and toilet, you can also apply it to clothes such as knits and scarves to maintain the scent and take care of your clothes with its antibacterial properties.

the below described Please choose your favorite scent from the wild aroma sprays ① to ③ .

① Into the Forest aroma spray <deep breathing>

The scent of trees such as fir and cypress supports deep breathing and makes you feel like you are walking into the forest. A scent of geranium and orange sweet that releases your emotions and restores your sense of grounding, returning you to your true self.

[Recommended usage]
・For bedside and bedding before going to bed ・For entryways and toilets
・When you want to breathe deeply
・For yoga or meditation time
・As a natural perfume

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② Morning Lake Aroma Spray <Purification>

The refreshing scent of lemon and peppermint, as well as the scent of frankincense and eucalyptus spreads as if washing away pent up substances.

[Recommended usage]
・When you want to concentrate on work or study ・When you want to refresh while driving ・When you wake up in the morning and want to feel refreshed ・When you want to change your mind
・As a natural perfume

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③ Kuromoji Care Aroma Spray <Relax>

Kuromoji (black lettering) has a rich, sweet and spicy scent that is hard to believe is a tree, and the refreshing citrus scent of bergamot will soothe your mind and gently envelop you.

[Recommended usage]
・For your own relaxing time
・Use it next to your pillow when you want to sleep soundly ・Take an aromatic bath in the bathroom ・When you are concerned about dryness ・When you are feeling tired

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noi wild herbal tea

Noi's herbal tea uses only wild trees that grow at the foot of Mt. Fuji and herbs that are naturally grown outdoors without using chemical fertilizers, animal compost, or pesticides. Herbs grown in cold environments with large temperature differences between day and night have distinct characteristics, and when added to hot water, they become a fragrant herbal tea.

In addition, each piece is hand-harvested, carefully dried at low temperatures, and ground in a unique style so that you can enjoy the wild appearance and scent unique to the plant. All herbal teas are caffeine-free and contain no additives or artificial flavors.

This ``Mt. Fuji forest scent gift box'' will be sent to you with herbal tea containing one serving each of ``Kuromoji Single Origin'' and ``Hinoki Lemongrass Blend.''

・Kuromoji Single Origin Herbal Tea (1 serving)

Kuromoji (black letter) has a rich, sweet and spicy scent that is hard to believe is a tree, and it calms the mind and makes you feel relaxed. Recommended for nights when you have trouble sleeping or for relaxing.

Currently, only the deciduous branches of winter kuromoji can be harvested. In order to withstand the harsh cold of winter, Kuromoji traps its scent in its branches, making it even more fragrant.

Linalool, the main ingredient in Kuromoji, calms the mind and supports sleep, so it is recommended for relaxing before bed. It encourages circulation and warms the body, so it is also suitable for those who are concerned about getting cold.

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・Hinoki Lemongrass Blend Herbal Tea (1 serving)

The cooling sensation of yerba buena and the fresh citrus scent of lemongrass and lemon verbena will release your excess heat and feelings of anxiety.

The second brew is a blend that gently envelops you with the scent of cypress, so you can drink it refreshingly without interfering with the taste during your meal.

Recommended when you want to refresh yourself while working.

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Name: Mt. Fuji forest scent gift box
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
Seller: noi Makiko Tanaka 4-3-14 Matsuyama, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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